Thursday, February 26, 2015

G1. Chpt 1:Same old Start

The lives & Times of the Henley Household and it's Consequential Generations, A sims4 Legacy Challenge told from the narrative perspective of its founding members & heirs.

Welcome to Chateu de Henley, or should I say Shack de Henley? I've decided to start a blog today to sort of track the progress of my first home away from home and generally find a way to vent some of the frustrations of my days. I know probably only mum and dad will read this little blog to check up on me so I'll put up some picture of my progress! Let's start with my little Studio apartment in Oasis Springs as pictured above! Cute huh? And with like ACRES of land too.

Um so okay...after I set up all my stuff the place looked a bit more homey so I snapped some pics and ohmahgawd, it is so small! Don't worry too much - I've totally made it my own with the sweet wallpaper and my fave pink couch. It might be one room and a bathroom but it's home! I'm excited to be posting any progress pics as it gets bigger and more 'me', DIY bloggers give me a share?

A quick update/description on myself too for Mum & Dad, I know they've been worried since I moved out almost as soon as I was legally a 'young adult'. Anyways, I know they're scared but I think this is the best way to achieve my culinary goals! Sometimes I wish they were a bit less cautipous...Well if there is anyone reading this I moved out to start training in Oasis Springs to become a famous Chef, watch this space because it's coming to a 5 star restaurant near you! Is it still considered taboo to put your name on the internet? Gah - whatever!

So I was really worried moving here I'd have, like, no friends at all! This blog was just going to be cooking recipes and lonely poetry - I miss everyone back home already - but the neighbours here have been super nice. I met so many people my first day moving in I only just had time to sign up for my new job as a er...well a Dishwasher, but it's cool - you've gotta start somewhere right? Any money is good money when you're living in a one room apartment. A fabulous one room apartment.

So my first Day here was pretty exciting. Oasis Springs is a beautiful town ( seriously come visit! ) and everyone was so friendly! Exploring town I met so many people who were happy to sit and talk into the evening by the park. I became besties with one of the first girls I met, her name is Amanda and she's a total glutton! It's great because I love to cook and she loves to eat, at least I think it's why we get along.  Started putting all those Simtube tutorials to use cooking some amazing grilled cheese. I accidentally dropped it on the floor but it was still good. My first day at work was...well it's washing dishes but I think my boss really liked I showed initiative by showing up with a few cooking tips for his cooks...or maybe he was yelling to stop putting vinegar in the dishwasher? Whatever, I might be washing dishes but I love smelling all the fresh food being cooked and it only motivates me more! I did stop by the bookshop to buy some new cookbooks too - food pictures ahoy!

This was taken a few days later to celebrate my first promotion and a bedroom addition to the house,  in true 'first time outta home' spirit I spent $15 of my $18 remaining dollars on a drink at the local club. I've been hoping to meet a nice guy around town but so far no luck. I did meet Cassandra though, she's a pretty cool girl - a little on the gloomy/crazy side. She's says I'm in some 'Legacy Challenge' and she's excited to watch my family grow. I don't know what that means but she says she has a brother. Then I went and danced. 

Speaking of promotions and new bedrooms, here it is! I wallpapered the walls myself and moved one of my posters in, it's still kinda drab looking but it's so much better than camping out in the loungeroom/kitchen/dining room. I just love the colour pink, I want everything to be pink! Lol, well it's my house and I'll decorate how I want to!

Today was my first day off in a while so I decided I'd try meeting some more people. Mom rang to suggest she set me up with some guy but I really don't need the help, work is hard enough as it is without romancing somesim. The park was just gorgeous and sunny today so I strolled down that way to check it out, I'll definitely go there again soon! On my way home I stopped by the library to pick up some more cookbooks and socialise, spoiler alert, everyone in the library was a buzzkill. The pink haired woman was so rude ignoring me and I think some guy in a blue striped shirt is stalking me, eep! Finished up the day visit the lounge which is down the way from me, it's not as far as the bar I went to a while ago and it's a lot nicer to relax too. Met a cutie but he didn't seem that in to me. Sadface!

I was so inspired by my little trip to the park I immediately started planting my own garden back home from some seeds I found lying around at the park. There'll be flowers and fruits trees and I'm going to make the most delicious food with all my garden spoils! Have I mentioned I'm getting quite good at cooking now? You should see my BLT's. While I was outside this guy stopped by to ask what I was doing. He was so cute and has red hair just like me! Totally real and not dyed. 
"Yeah I'm new to the area - just moved in on my own. I'm growing a garden so I can make super food for myself and make masterpiece recipes." 
"Yeah I really er...dig.....squeezing melons?"
Ok so he's probably not the smartest guy around but he was really cheerful! 

So we ended up hanging out for a while, I cooked my first gourmet meal ( those cooking shows really inspire and pay off! ) and then I went to bed. Life can be exhausting sometimes! I Don't feel like I've accomplished much in my first few days here but I've got the job, the house and a few good friends so we're off to a good start! 

I'll keep ya'll posted!

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