Thursday, February 26, 2015

G1. Chpt 2: Just good friends

The lives & Times of the Henley Household and it's Consequential Generations, A sims4 Legacy Challenge told from the narrative perspective of its founding members & heirs.

This morning I was woken up by an over insistent knock at my door, I wasn't going to answer it but after ignoring it for five minutes they still hadn't left! 
"Can I help you?"
"Good morning have you heard about our lord and saviour Maxis?""Hi There. I just moved into the neighbourhood and am introducing myself to the neighbours. My wife and I have a young child so we're asking everyone to give us notice if they have loud parties."
"Is that even a thing people still do?"
"Well my wife Liz says so. Hey do I smell Pancakes?"
And with that he pretty much just barged in, Some Sims!

"So I'm Joel Barbosa, Liz is my wife and we have a kid together." 
"Yes I gathered...What brings you to Oasis Springs?"
"Oh you know, Willow Creek is full. Frankly I would have preferred there since it's a lot more green but I'm settling in pretty well. Speaking of green, did you do that garden out front yourself? It's really nice and half why I came to your house first."
"What really? Thanks! I've been working hard on it since I moved in, the Chrysthaniums aren't blooming yet but the cherries are ripe enough to pick. "
 Despite the rocky start we made small talk over my suddenly shared breakfast and before long I'd forgotten he'd even been uninvited and we were out enjoying the sunshine together.

Since getting promoted ( Oh yeah I got promoted again, woo! ) my garden has taken a hit and started to brown up a bit, as Joel noticed. He commented that a quick watering would spruce them right up. For a family man he sure has a green thumb and we got to work livening up the place - O even whistled while I worked! For some reason we just seemed to get along well and I found myself excited to find another lover of greenery.
"Hey, if you're into gardens and you're not too busy canvassing the neighbourhood asking neighbours to keep it down, let me show you the park - it's kinda far but worth the trip."

 One taxi ride later...
"Wow it really is amazing! I can't believe I missed out on this for Oasis Springs!"
"Don't be too overzealous with your flattery of our new home town."
"Oh...right. Well I definitely want to visit again, maybe bring my son too - though we don't see eye to eye much anymore."
"I think he'd love to visit, everyone should!"
"I'm really glad I met you today Vanessa, It feels so strange to get to know someone so well in an afternoon but there you have it. I was worried I wouldn't know anyone after moving here and with Liz's career and a disinterested son...well let's just say I didn't think I'd find myself in a park with a lovely lady like yourself anytime soon.
"I feel the same way. I've met quite a few people living here so far but none I've spent the entire day with, even if you did steal my pancakes!"
"Heh, yeah...sorry about that!"  
"Well, I should probably get going, the sun's setting and I'll be in big trouble if anyone throws a huge party tonight and makes a tonne of noise..."

"I understand, but...come over anytime ok? It's been nice."
"You sure? I feel like if I come over I'll burst in on you and some guy who's making his move. I tell you, if I wasn't married..."

"Aww what? Lil' ol' me? Shucks. You've seen my place, there's no room for two!"

"Whatever you say 'Nessa, but you'll catch someone's eye soon - promise!"
"Well...guess this is goodbye and we'll part ways..." 
"I guess so."
We  lingered like that for a while, it felt like neither of us wanted to actually part and despite his careless manner about it I think there's something he's not being fully honest about. Eventually I released his hands and we did leave the park separately, but I couldn't get his eyes out my mind...

Life after that carried on pretty much the same, I noticed I was putting on a bit of weight thanks to my job - well with every promotion I'm cooking more, tasting more, trying out new food! How can I not put on a few pounds? So as snazzy as I looked in the new uniform I knew soon enough it'd be too tight. Time to work them feet! Feel the burn! Sweat it off!

Joel Quickly became my favourite house guest and we saw each other regularly, he'd try all my latest creations and still say my pancakes were better than any gourmet dish - so I added gummy bears one day just to see his face! He told me he was a stay at home dad but secretly he wanted to be an author but felt he was too old. Being only a few years older than me I laughed it off and encouraged his dreams - I was chasing mine right!? And then he came over one day...

"It's not working anymore Vanessa."
"What? What are you talking about? What's wrong?"
"Liz she's....she think you and I are...She said it was your or her and I..."
"Jo...please don't tell me you left Liz for me...I know we've spoken briefly about how much time we spend together but it's not worth throwing away a marriage and a son!"
"I-I didn't answer, I couldn't."
"We moved here because Liz was having an affair back in Veronaville, I was furious and we left to try and make a fresh start here but it's never been the same. I thought I'd get over it, we'd build trust again - for our son and us. But ever since I met you..."
"What...Joel I..."
"You make me happy Vanessa, you're beautiful, creative - you have a passion for life I thought I'd lost! This house, leaving everything you knew to chase a dream! I'm a stay at home father and I've spent most of my time trying to start online businesses and doing other people's taxes! I always wanted to be a writer but it just wasn't practical so I never tried, but you inspired me! I wanted to try and when I told Liz...."
" want to leave so you can be a writer? That's....That's..."
"Irresponsible? Foolish? Selfish?"
"Try totally brave and I can't believe you're doing it!...In a good way!"
"Really? Try telling that to Liz, she says it's crazy and I need to stop seeing you and until I get a real job I'm in the doghouse."
"No I think it's way cool and I'm behind you 100% I know you can be a great author if you really want to! Hey! Why don't you move in here while things cool down with Liz!?"

"You mean it!? Thanks 'Nessa, you've changed my life in so many ways in so short a period of time and now this."
"Yeah I mean it...stay as long as you like, I enjoy cooking extra anyways. The best way to show her you can succeed is by doing it and I want to help you do that any way I can."

"So I've only got the one bed..."
"That's fine, I'll take the couch."
"Oh like heck you will, I'm hosting you so I'll be on the couch."
"I put myself in this mess, I don't want to impose more."
So we fought for ages, not a real fight but just light bantering - something to distract Joel, and that's how he came to move in with me.

Sort-of-but-not-related I got a kitchen upgrade just before Joel moved in so that actually worked out pretty well, I'm gonna need the extra room!

Guess I'm in for an interesting time! Till I've got something worth writing!

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