Saturday, October 3, 2015

G1. Chpt 3: First time's the charm!

The lives & Times of the Henley Household and it's Consequential Generations, A sims4 Legacy Challenge told from the narrative perspective of its founding members & heirs.

Woo it's been ages since I've looked at this blog but with every that's going on it's not so surprising, it feels like forever that I last posted so let's get caught up!

When I last wrote Joel had moved in with me after divorcing his wife Liz and felt awful because he had also lost his son's custody, but we both feel something between us and I'm happy he's decided to try and figure things out. It's a shame his son doesn't want to see him though. In the meantime, I've still got a tiny house so we swap who sleeps on the sofa and who gets to sleep in the bed.

As always my garden growing is going well, especially with Joel to help out. I created my first cherry and lemon splice today but I'm excited to see what else I can splice! Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm a little nervous to be getting on so much in life - I thought my career at least would be more progressive! I plan to have a quiet one at home, Joel said he might make dinner which would be nice but I plan to pass the evening uneventfully.

I was surprised when Joel ended up 'burning' our dinner at home and suggested we go out, although I suspect he just wanted to get out the house. We sat by the window around sunset for a meal and we chatted about how things were going for us.
"Liz is acting rash and emotional, I knew she would. She's...well she's a lot of things but today she signed the divorce papers. I know I say this a lot but...thanks for being there, the least I can do is take you out to dinner on your birthday. Besides, I bought you something and I wanted you to remember this day - even if you are getting older - as a special one."
"Joel you're so sweet, I-"

"Vanessa...I'm asking you to marry me."
"Oh my god, I-I....but it's so soon! You need time to think...are you sure-"
"I've never been so sure of anything. Life with you, even in so short a time period is so spontaneous and different. You inspire me to pursue my dreams and one of them is being with you as long as you'll have me. Will you?
"I...of course I will"

As a further surprise when I got home there was birthday cake AND a new (lime green woo! ) bar for me to make drinks at. Diamonds, cocktails and cake - all mine! This birthday also ended with a delightful promotion which prompted me to buy a new double bed, aces!

Time flew by after that! Before I knew it I'd picked out a venue ( a quaint but small riverside church ) and sourced the catering, decorations, dress and - much to my delight - gotten myself in good shape for the wedding. When I opened my eye the morning of the big day it felt surreal and I had butterflies in my stomach! 
AN: The Church here was created by [ need to get it } at Mod The Sims and is just gorgeous!

Wedding spam! Joel looked amazing, I hoped I scrubbed up just as nice and so many people showed up! It was an afternoon wedding so the reception quickly turned into a dinner and drinks get together, with many a toast from friends, strangers and of course the bride and groom. 

As the night began to settle down I became excited to see my own home, without all the people! It had been a very social day to be sure and one I won't forget but I was exhausted and Joel and I had decided not to go on a honeymoon. It was a shame his family hadn't made it from their new home but in a way we both agree perhaps it wasn't fair to ask his ex to come and his son had stubbornly refused to, probably the only dampener we had the whole time. Either way it was time to go home, take a bath and settle down together for the rest of our lives.


AN: Hi guys! Long time no sim, but I've started up again! If you're enjoy Henley History please check out my new Simlr, Mis*simming*inaction, There's a whole new bunch of engagement & wedding outake photos plus a tour of the recently renovated family home which won't be shown here. On top of that I'll be posting my forays into Custom Content creation plus posting sims, houses and rooms I've created. Hope to see you there!

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