Tuesday, October 6, 2015

G1. Chpt. 4: There's a hobo in the park?

The lives & Times of the Henley Household and it's Consequential Generations, A sims4 Legacy Challenge told from the narrative perspective of its founding members & heirs.

Hello Blogins and readers! I figured, what with the marriage and all being official I'd start you all off with a quick new once-over of the house's newest resident, Joel Henley! I've decided to start a small Family tree for this little Henley Branch, so be sure to look at my genealogy chart, Hopefully it'll be something I can pass on.

Today's Blog post also starts with something very exciting and new! I've been keeping it under wraps the last few days but it's finally been confirmed, with Joel moving in and some recent expansions to the house, I'm delighted to say....

I am most assuredly pregnant with the first little Henley! I'm so excited, beyond excited! Being with Joel has made my life so happy but this is really going to be the cherry on top! 

Having already been a father Joel was excited but also nervous at the prospect of telling his son and wife. They lived quite far away now, and Joel Jr. had left for university for the time being, leaving both his mother and father for the first time and without much contact.
"I'm ecstatic for us 'Nessa, I am but...I feel partially like I've replaced my whole family now...what happens if I can't.....I haven't been a very good Dad so far."
"Then I won't let you be. You can watch out for when my mothering is off and I'll watch out for your Dad skills. With us watching each other instead of ourselves.....I'm sure whoever it is we have they'll love you just as much as I do."
"Charming, confident and persuasive as ever my love. Do we know the gender yet?"
"No, I'm leaving it as a total surprise, not to mention if we leave it until late we'll have longer to save for the nursery."  

Pregnancy was.....TIRING! My days quickly changed from working, reading and cooking to sleeping, eating and bathroom breaks exclusively. Every now and again I felt well enough to get out a little bit, do some gardening ( But don't tell Joel he's reading all these parenting books and worried about what the sprays might do ) and then go right back to sleep! Poor Joel, I'm the house chef but lately he's been the one flipping pancakes and burning grilling cheese sandwiches. But he's very sweet and I'm rather lucky that his work as an aspiring author keeps him home a lot. Speaking of Jobs, it feels like I haven't been promoted in forever - guess this baby bump won't help that either. 

"Who's a late little babe huh? Huh? Daddy wants to meet you very much little one and Mummy is so tired...Heh, poke poke!"
"Haha, Joel Stop! What if you induce labour tapping me like that huh?"
"Oh don't be so silly, it wasn't serious and I barely touched --"
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH F@#$G^&#** D^&!@*!!!"
Many Shrieks, screams, pushes and panicked hand waves later... 

Oh look it's triplets....trip...lets....TRIPLETS!!!???

AN: This is literally the 2nd most unplanned pregnancy I've ever had in game, the first being quads in a Victorian legacy in a poor house. The Henley's can't afford this!? What the eff game!?

"Uh...Hey Honey. You've been sitting there staring blankly at the cupcake wallpaper with those scambled eggs for a while now. I know you just gave birth to Triplets and all but...uh....You ok? 
"Oh yeah. Fine. So Fine." 
"You're completely freaking out over where we're going to put them all and how we're going to afford food and bedding aren't you? 
"I thought so...."  
Soon enough the shock began to wear off, mostly from the sounds of babies crying, and the two of us began to properly get to know our sudden clan of offspring. The count stands at 2 girls and 1 boy; the girls are named Robin and Avarice and the little prince is name Henry ( Henry Henley...yes I am a cruel mother ). I'm still a little freaked out but I know these little darlings with be worth the upkeep!

Gee they grow up fast! I got a promotion while Joel looked after the children but maybe I work too hard because I swear they just up and popped into kidlets while my back was turned! Avarie and Robin are the spitting image of each other except Avarie has more of my upturned nose. Both girls have my baby blues but Henry is the spitting image of Joel with his eye colour, shape, nose and hair - I think my lips are in there maybe? Either way they're the cutest things I ever did saw and this is them coming home from their first day of school! They've also all got such different personalities! I can't wait to watch my babies grow!

On their first weekend off Joel went to the park with them all to make friends and generally get out and have fun. They didn't play together so much as run off and play on different obstacles but they yelled at each other and made fun noises then came home pooped and tired. Treasuring these days. It was unfortunate that my work schedule had left my coming home only an hour before they left and I was simply too tired to make the journey. 

H: Hey Dad, why does mum always cook better than you?J: Probably because when she cooks she doesn't have little boys underfoot.H: Haha, nah I think it's because she doesn't have you in the kitchen!J: yeah yeah, laugh it up boy-o and then you can make your own food. Ava, what do you think?A: Mmmphhff omnomnom

 This is how the house look and what the kids do most of the time. Robin and Henry get along like a llama and a mascot suit while Ava utilises the arts and crafts table being productive with her time. I'm not sure who I'm more pleased with....

Top Picture;
R: Ow, Henry! Don't do that, I'm gonna tell Mum!
H: Robin you're such a wimp, Haha! I'll take you down like a sack of potatoes!
R: Just because you're a boy doesn't mean you can pick on me, I'll get Ava and we'll gang up!
H: That's ok, I can take you both on!
A:....Little more blue, ooh I think that's right...uh....
Bottom Picture;
H: "So my idea is that there's this giant person in the sky we can talk to anytime who watches over everything we do and guides us."
R: Really? Even after me?
H: Well...mostly mum right now but eventually it will be one of us and we'll all live wealthy, fulfilled lives!
R: Wow, that's so cool! Can I ask mum?
H: No! It's a secret, we have to keep it to ourselves or Mum might stop being interesting to it if she's freaking out instead.
R: O...kay?
Anyways! That's where I'm leaving you guys this week! If you'd like to check out some more photos of the family, the house or anything else please check out the new Simblr! 

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